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  • 全球回收標準(GRS)4.0 OEKO Tex標準100 Global recovery standard (GRS) 4.0
    Oeko tex Standard 100
  • 完善的原料 供應系統 Perfect raw materials
    supply system
  • 優良的設施 與合作廠商 Excellent facilities
    With partners
  • 專注于好的生產 優的質量 Focus on good production
    Superior quality

Dong Fang(Group)Textile Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in developing, manufacturing, and selling medium-grade and high-end all kinds of chemical fiber fabrics, who is an group textile enterprise composed of JiangSu Dong Fang Textile Technology Co.,Ltd, Kun Shan Dong Hui Textile Co., Ltd, Kun Shan Dong Yu Textile Co., Ltd,  AnHui Dong Fang weaving Co.,Ltd.


未標題-1.png Address: Rooms 1-5, No. 130, Qingsong Road, Yushan Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province

1570980812560070.png Company telephone:0512-50333268

1570980812633798.png Company mailbox:dongfang@dongfang-tex.com

1570980811360316.png Company fax:0512-57733709  


Copyright ? Jiangsu Dongfang Textile Technology Co., Ltd All rights reserved :Su ICP B No. 17052912
Support:Xiangyun platform
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